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What you can expect from REBiRTH Festival 2023

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As soon as the first rays of sunshine cover the face and the sky is blue, die-hard ravers only think about one thing: The outdoor season is just around the corner! And like every year, we celebrate the grand opening of our beloved festival summer at REBiRTH. Why you shouldn’t miss REBiRTH this year and why you shouldn’t miss the Residence Camping either, you’ll find out in this article.

And every year it’s „Let’s Kick-Off the Festival season“ and of course, that doesn’t happen without the REBiRTH Festival. In Haaren, it’s time from 14 – 16 April. With over 160 acts spread over three days, the organization around the popular outdoor event has once again outdone itself and put together a line-up in a class of its own. Welcoming around 35.000 excited visitors once again to start their beloved outdoor season.

New live acts, many specials, and a lot to discover

We can look forward to more than 40 live acts in 16 areas. Many DJs start the outdoor season with new showcases. Gunz4Hire and Phuture Noize with their new show – we can definitely expect something there. But also known live acts like Mutilator paired with Anderex pres: Neon future live, Rooler & Sickmode: THE GANG live, or The Purge: Trippin‘ (audiovisual experience) are not to be missed this year. You should definitely not skip the last one, because The Purge has already shown at Shockerz that this set is going to be something very special!

Rebirth Festival 2022
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REBiRTH Residence Campsite? Yes, please!

Anyone who has ever camped at the REBiRTH Festival can confirm one thing: the atmosphere is very special. On the comparatively small campsite, you feel right at home and the distances are short, so you are relaxed and on the dance floor within a few minutes.

You won’t be bored between the sets of your favorite acts either. With games, chill-out areas, and a cinema, everything a raver’s heart desires is provided.

Worried it’s too cold to camp in April? With heated bathrooms and nice warm hot tubs, no one will get cold anytime soon. And if that’s not enough, Mutilator vs. Fraw, The Purge, or the Wake Up Call by the APEX Records Crew powered by Vasto, Scarra, Kenai & MC Synergy are sure to get you hot again in no time at the pre-and after-parties.

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REBiRTH Festival Aftermovie 2022

Something for everyone – The REBiRTH Accommodations

Festitent, Caravan, Festipi, Delta Deluxe tent, Flexotel, Friendscamp or just regular camping? – No problem at all at REBiRTH Festival. There are more than enough camping options, whether you want to sleep in a classic tent with an air mattress or in a more luxurious Flexotel. You can find all accommodations here.

More acts, more specials, more stages!

REBiRTH Festival has received massive upgrades: Whether it’s earlier access to the festival grounds and two new stages on Friday; bigger stages and more fun and games at the Residence Camping on Saturday; or even more new stages on Sunday. This year, our favorite outdoor season opener is stepping it up a level.

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Warface Stage Hosting at REBiRTH

What would our beloved REBiRTH Festival be without the well-known mainstage hosting? This year, none other than Warface will provide a whole lot of good music, hard kicks, and the occasional kick roll session on Sunday. With Riot Shift pres. Dystopia, Warface vs. Deadly Guns or Warface vs. Rooler, and many more, he has definitely come up with a spicy line-up for the stage on Sunday.

What are you still waiting for?

You don’t have tickets for the start of the festival summer yet? Then hurry up before REBiRTH is sold out. Here you can get the last tickets. And then in April, it’s finally called: Let’s kick off the festival season!

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