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Road to REBiRTH Mainstage DJ Contest 2023 – Newcomers get a stage

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For this year’s edition of REBiRTH, organizer REBiRTH Events has once again thought of something special to promote the upcoming talents of the scene. No, it is not a producing camp, but the Road to REBiRTH Newcomer Contest, creating 23 DJ slots for newcomers from different countries. So, in addition to high-profile well-known DJ names, talented young artists from the scene will also be on the festival’s stages in 2023. Find out who they are and why you should definitely check out their sets.

Hardly any other Dutch festival supports the newcomers of the scene like REBiRTH: a total of 23 upcoming DJs from the genres Hardstyle/Rawstyle and Hardcore/Uptempo will be given the chance to prove their skills on Saturday and Sunday.

The winners in the genre Hardstyle/ Rawstyle can be seen on Saturday on the new Road to REBiRTH stage and on Sunday you can party to the sets of the Hardcore/ Uptempo talents.

But that’s not all! As the name of the contest states, even the Mainstage of the festival is not too holy for REBiRTH Events to fill it with new life in the form of the contest winner – a young German DJ…

How the Road to REBiRTH Mainstage DJ Contest went

At the beginning of the year REBiRTH had announced the start of the contest. DJs from all over the world had the opportunity to send in self-mixed 30-minute sets with at least one own track from the 07th of January 2023 to the 15th of January 2023. A jury then selected the top artist from the 159 participants.

Three weeks later, the open ‚audience voting‘ started, where fans and festival lovers could cast their votes.

The final result was made up of 75 percent of the jury votes and 25 percent of the audience votes.

For each act, there were 25 credits to be won. The 1st place even won 100 credits and a release on Scantraxx Carbon or -Silver on top.

This is the result of the Road to REBiRTH Mainstage Contest

You have diligently voted for your favorites because a total of over 10,000 votes had been received. On 17th of January 2023 the result was finally announced and the winners were chosen by the jury.

This is the result: 22 acts from twelve different countries, 12 of them from the genre Hardstyle/ Rawstyle and 10 from the Hardcore/ Uptempo area.

In total, you listened for 216,468 minutes to the participants‘ sets on Soundcloud, the jury listened for 4,696 minutes.

These are all the winners in alphabetical order:

Bright Visions
Chaotic Brotherz
Chapter V
Death Punch
Dual Damage
Gezellige Uptempo
Lost Melodies
The Teacher

German DJ Zelecter climbs the podium of the Road to REBiRTH Mainstage DJ Contest

The highlight of every festival for sure is its Mainstage. On the Mainstages of the big festivals usually only the biggest names of the scene play…

But at REBiRTH it’s different: Our journey into the REBiRTH universe will start on Saturday with the winner of the newcomer contest.

The contest revealed a clear winner, who not only convinced the jury, but also got the most fan votes. Hard to believe, but the talented and charismatic young DJ comes for once not from the Netherlands, but from Germany!

Goosebump-inducing classics paired with sick mash-ups will come from ZELECTER right at the beginning of the festival on the Mainstage. We are sure that this will be a successful start into your festival weekend!

We can also look forward to a Scantraxx release from him soon.

ZELECTER is the winner of the Road to REBiRTH Mainstage Contest ©REBiRTH Events

Extra slot for scene favorite Dual Damage at Reborn Raw

Originally, the contest had provided 20 slots for the winners on the new talent stage plus a spot on the Mainstage for the first place. But one DJ-duo managed to get so many clicks on their Soundcloud set that REBiRTH obviously had felt compelled to create a special spot at an other stage for them…

That means: on Saturday the Dutch DJ-duo Dual Damage will demolish the Reborn Raw stage with a live set! So pack your foam hammer and put on your protetion gear, because you should not underestimate the live set of these Dutch men.

Dual Damage Gewinner Grafik des Road to REBiRTH Mainstage Contest
Dual Damage wins a live-slot at the Road to REBiRTH Mainstage Contest on the Reborn Raw ©REBiRTH Events

Why you should visit the sets of newcomer DJs

You might think: Why should I listen to the sets of „no-name DJs“?

I can immediately think of four reasons why it’s worthwhile for you to step out of your mainstream music bubble, listen outside the box, and broaden your musical horizons:

Newcomers put much more effort into their sets and are more up for it

The sets at REBiRTH will surely be one of the biggest of their career so far for many of the 23 acts. We are sure that this fact will increase their motivation enormously. They will surely put a lot of effort into their sets and give all the energy they have!

You get to know new music

Do you know the phenomenon: At a certain point (even if you love a track), you just can’t listen to it anymore because you’ve heard it way too many times?

Experienced and regular festival goers will probably know this phenomenon from previous parties. Even first-class live acts can get a bit tiresome if you’ve heard them for the tenth time in a season…

So if you want to bring some variety into your „festival routine“, listen to something different. Maybe you’ll like a newcomer’s set so much that he will become your new favorite DJ. Or it inspires you to do and listen to something new, who knows…

More special atmosphere

The sets of newcomers are often attended by Die-Hard fans and experienced Festival-goers. Rarely do you see such a dedicated crowd as during these sets. Here you can smile at strangers, hakk or kickroll with them and just go wild. And even if you’re sweating like hell, you don’t have to worry about anyone looking at you stupidly.

Prove me wrong – but I love the family atmosphere at the sets of underground, not-yet-well-known DJs. These sets reflect the vibe of underground raves at bigger festivals for me. So if you are into small free raves etc. you surely will like it here.

You also support the „little“ DJs with your visit

Even the best DJs, like The Prophet, eventually get old and take their well-deserved retirements. If there were no new generation of DJs, our beloved Harder Styles scene would simply die.

That’s why you should also give new DJs a chance. Every DJ, no matter how well known, started small. So better give newcomers a stage as well!

We think it’s really great that REBiRTH 2023 has so much room for up-and-coming talents of the scene. That’s why we’re really looking forward to partying together with you to their sets at the twelfth edition of the festival.

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