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REBiRTH Festival 2023 – Ready for lift-off: All you need to know

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Outside, the first rays of sunshine are waiting for us and another year is over. It’s mid-April and all Harder Styles fanatics know exactly what that means! REBiRTH Festival 2023 is happening at Raamse Akker in Haaren again. You can find all the information at a glance in our new article. Are you ready for lift off?

The Hard Facts

Raamse Akkers as Location
The festival will take place on the festival grounds at the „Raamse Akkers“ in Haaren between Tilburg and Den Bosh in the Netherlands. Click here here for the Google Maps location. With a comparatively small festival and camping site, REBiRTH is manageable, but this automatically gives it a great atmosphere – both on the campsite and when partying. With a party tent and other activities, there is absolutely no chance of boredom on the campsite either.

Rebirth festival 2023
REBiRTH Festival 2022

Festival times

  • Friday REBiRTH Festival Day 1, 14-04-2023, 14.00 – 00.00 hrs.
  • Saturday REBiRTH Festival Day 2, 15-04-2023, 12.00 – 00.00 hrs
  • Sunday REBiRTH Festival Day 3, 16-04-2023, 13.00 – 23.00 hrs
    This year you can even enter the campsite from 11 am!

The Line-Up

With acts like Gunz for Hire, The Pitcher, Anthem-Maker Vertile, Partyraiser, The Purge, and many more, the event has something for every Harder Styles taste over three festival days. This year REBiRTH has enlarged the event even more. There are more stages, more acts, and definitely even more fun this year. Insider tip: Don’t miss the newcomer stage Road to REBiRTH.

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  • Rebirth Festival 2023
  • Rebirth Festival 2023
  • Rebirth Festival 2023
  • Rebirth Festival 2023

The Anthem-Maker

Summer, festivals, euphoric melody with bassface-worthy kicks: simply pure goosebumps. – That’s how this year’s REBiRTH anthem can be described. And who else should it be but Vertile, who is responsible for this year’s anthem for the start of our so beloved festival summer.

The Highlights

How about a little morning workout with The Purge on Saturday morning? With „The Morning Run“ with the Italian, who is more than known for his funky music, a fierce klaplong marathon is pre-programmed.

But not only that, once again REBiRTH truly celebrates the return of the festival summer. Filled with many live acts, we can look forward to a full weekend where you almost have to split up because there is so much to see. – For example, the new live act by Adjuzt NXTGEN or Mutilator vs Anderex Neon Future Live.

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The weather

This year the weather is a lot more promising than in 2022. With double-digit temperatures, less than a 50% chance of rain, and even Saturday sunny, we can look forward to a great taste of summer. As always, don’t forget your rain gear too, because in the Netherlands you never know.

Rebirth Festival 2023

Appic App

Floor plan, line-up, timetable, and friends all in one place? – No problem at all. Get the Appic app now, where you’ll find all the important info and can even put together your own timetable. You can find all the information about the app here.

Let’s get warmed up

To heat up the anticipation for the coming weekend even more, a few good warm-up mixes are a must. With our REBiRTH Festival Warm-up Playlist takeover by our newcomer of the month Zelecter, you can get in the mood for this weekend.

Camping Essentials

Do you still need a last-minute guide to pack everything for the perfect festival weekend? No problem, with our „Back to Festivals Guide“ you won’t forget anything for a successful time at the REBiRTH.

And once again REBiRTH proves that they can organize a worthy opening for the summer. With good music and hopefully good weather, I am now looking forward to next weekend.

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